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Computer Repair, Technical Assistance, Support, Troubleshooting, and Updates.
Fast, Friendly Assistance. Flat Rate Virus, Badware, Adware, Malware Cleaning.
We make sluggish computers run faster. New Jersey house call service.

Best prices. Knowledgeable. Fast. Friendly.

Fair pricing & Flat Rate Virus, Badware, Adware, Malware Cleaning

Viruses. Badware. Adware. Malware. Call it what you like -- all you know is your computer is a mess! It doesn't act right and maybe you can't even get connected anymore. You need to: back up your stuff and contact us now.
We'll come to you, diagnose it, and start clearing out the garbage for you. Request New Jersey House Call Service

It's That Time Again: Time To Upgrade EVERYTHING

So Microsoft just ended support for Windows XP and Office 2003. Now what? Although you will still be able to start and run XP, you may want to upgrade to Windows 8.1 to get continuing support and updates. What's the hitch?
Find out more.

Help: Right Now!

A lot of computer assistance and can be done remotely, and immeditately, without scheduling a house service call.
Request remote service.

Website Hosting, Wordpress Hosting

We strongly recommend BlueHost and provide support for your websites, domains, and WordPress blogs. We've been using them for years and they quite simply rock. We're providing these links for our clients to make direct contact with Bluehost:

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